The hat has always been an elegant and sophisticated accessory. This is especially true for Anglo-Saxon countries. Over the past centuries, women who wore hats did so to emphasize their high-society status.

When it comes to weddings, if worn just right, a hat accentuates each woman’s personality and femininity.


What is the etiquette for weddings?


  • The hat should be worn during day ceremonies;
  • For a highly formal ceremony, avoid bright-colored or straw hats;
  • The hat must go with the dress—powder or silver-toned hats are the exception because they match all outfits, yet do watch out for overly sharp contrasts;
  • Never wear a black hat;
  • Wedding guests can wear a hat only if the mother of the bride also wears one, or when the ceremony dress code explicitly requires it;
  • The hat should remain on throughout the entire ceremony, removing it only during lunch.


Choosing the right hat: shapes and colors


  1. Hats with a veil

Wonderful hats in retro style with a veil placed on the side of the head. Veiled hats are the ideal accessory for women seeking an elegant and intensely feminine look.


  1. Wide-brimmed hats

These hats never go unnoticed! They are ideal for summer ceremonies because they protect from the sun. Always select these hats in refined materials, such as organza, satin, and silk.


  1. Small hats

Small hats are the most understated and certainly the most chic. Essentially, these elegant and minimal head pieces define the classy guest. This type of head piece can often turn into a headbandthat blends perfectly with one’s hairstyle.


  1. Extravagant hats

If the ceremony has an informal tone and you feel comfortable wearing something that stands out, then go for it! Try light materials, soft colors, pastels/off-white, or powder.


For the mother of the bride


The mother of the bride deserves a special note. On the wedding day, she is the most elegant after her daughter:


  1. Select small, refined forms;
  2. Sophisticated and romantic colors;
  3. No excess;
  4. Wear hats with decorations, preferably bows or pearls, for a more exclusive look.


The hat is a distinctive accessory. It is not suitable for all women. Most importantly, it is not suitable for any type of ceremony. We await you in our Galatina store to offer personal advice on choosing the right hat. The CharmeCanaris staff can meet all requests and each and every little whim. For us, this always deserves special attention.