If in Anglo-Saxon countries tradition has always meant that the bride is accompanied in the wedding procession by adult bridesmaids, here the bridesmaids are the little ones!

Why choose young girls as bridesmaids?

To give the event, which is already romantic and exciting in itself, an even more touching and enchanting look. Usually young girls are chosen from the family circle or from the children of friends closest to the spouses.

Of course, even in the case of child bridesmaids, the dress is fundamental in the preparation of a wedding.

So here is some advice that you might find useful!

First rule: do not distort the innocence and personality of the young bridesmaids.

To choose the perfect dress, you need to pay close attention to the age of the girls. Do not have them wear clothes that are too elaborate, because once the solemn moment of the ceremony is over they will spend the rest of the time moving around and playing. In this case, choose clothes with a wide and soft skirt. The most important thing is that the girls feel comfortable and able to move around freely.

If the girls are aged six or over, you can already opt for more stylish and elaborate bridesmaid dresses.

Second rule: every season has its dress.

For summer weddings, choose light fabrics like organza tulle, san gallo lace and cotton.

For weddings in autumn and winter you could opt for velvet or taffeta.

And the colors? 

Needless to say, dresses ranging from white to pastel tones are the most suitable. Especially for ceremonies in colder months, nothing prevents dresses with brighter colors from being worn.


If necessary or explicitly requested by the bride, it is possible to call to mind the details of her dress or the theme of the ceremony by using some particular decorations, which you will decide upon directly in the Charme Canaris store when making your choice together with our consultants.