The Tuxedo: A User’s Guide!

Let us start by defining the Tuxedo as a particular masculine suit for special occasions.

This type of suit has always been considered the evening garment par excellence. According to some conventions, the Tuxedo should never be worn during the day.

For various reasons, and to align with quickly changing trends and fashion, etiquette experts have had to revise the old conventions somewhat and approve this particular piece of clothing to be used not only in the late afternoon.

In Great Britain, where this men’s suit comes from, the Tuxedo is customarily for formal events after 6pm. Earlier, a Morning Dress is required.

But why is it called a tuxedo? 

The American term “tuxedo” corresponds to the non-English denomination “smoking”. This comes from the smoking jacket, which is a dressing gown worn by men in smoking rooms to protect clothing from the smell of tobacco.


The Tuxedo as a wedding or ceremony suit. 


If you are invited to a wedding or you are the groom, then the Tuxedo is the perfect garment. If you are among the guests of a wedding where the dress code is explicitly requested as black tie, then you simply cannot pass up the tuxedo.


You can choose your Tuxedo color from classic black or at least “formal”, and even a more modern blue.

There is also the white version of the Tuxedo. However, for wearing it, you must be a whimsical person. It is required only for ceremonies or outdoor events.

How to wear the Tuxedo: it is all in the details!


The shirt for the Tuxedo must be white, perhaps with the classic diplomatic collar. It is designed for exclusive use with a bow tie. Yet today, it is fashionable to pair it with a black shirt.

A silk bow tie, of course.

A tie can be used, but it tends to tone down the piece’s elegance quite a lot unless you choose a very simple, yet extremely elegant one.

Suspenders, black or white, are preferable in place of a belt.

Black lace-up shoes, either glossy or matte.

Only black, knee-high socks—do not try anything else.

Wear a vest if the jacket is with pointed lapels, or a satin sash if the jacket has shawl necklines.

Do not forget the cuff links and the white handkerchief.

Where to buy a Tuxedo.


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