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Formal dresses for young girls bridesmaids: elegance, emotion, freedom.

If in Anglo-Saxon countries tradition has always meant that the bride is accompanied in the wedding procession by adult bridesmaids, here the bridesmaids are the little ones! Why choose young girls as bridesmaids? To give the event, which is already romantic and exciting in itself, an even more touching and enchanting look. Usually young girls are chosen from the family circle or from the children of friends closest to the spouses. Of course, even in the case of child bridesmaids, […]

The hat for a super chic wedding!

The hat has always been an elegant and sophisticated accessory. This is especially true for Anglo-Saxon countries. Over the past centuries, women who wore hats did so to emphasize their high-society status. When it comes to weddings, if worn just right, a hat accentuates each woman’s personality and femininity.   What is the etiquette for weddings?   The hat should be worn during day ceremonies; For a highly formal ceremony, avoid bright-colored or straw hats; The hat must go with […]